Why is TheraGold brown?

TheraGold looks different because it is different. We don’t use any artificial colors or bleach. TheraGold’s natural color is a testament to our commitment to provide safe, therapeutic products without added chemicals. We let the power of Manuka Honey shine. But don’t worry, it won’t stain your clothes.

Why is the color different this time?

Blame the Bees. Because TheraGold doesn’t use artificial colors or bleach, the color is solely derived from the Manuka Honey. Depending on the time of year the honey can have color variations.

My TheraGold cream got darker?

Light will affect the color, not to worry it still as effective as ever.

Can you eat TheraGold?

Technically you can, but I wouldn’t if I were you. Despite it’s list of natural ingredients, it does not taste good.

How do I use TheraGold?

Just rub the cream on affected area, repeat a few times a day for best results and you should be feeling better shortly.

Why Manuka honey?

Why not? According to many studies Manuka honey has many wonderful medicinal properties, one of them is anti-inflammatory. For more detailed info see the science section of our website.

Is TheraGold guaranteed?

We guarantee you will feel great after using our product however, if you are not satisfied for any reason just return the unused portion of your jar for a full refund.

How does TheraGold smell?

TheraGold has a refreshing scent.. you're gonna want to keep re-applying

What if I’m allergic to bees?

If you’re allergic to bees, your best bet would be not to use this product. (and remain indoors come summer)

Is it safe to use this product if I’m Pregnant?

Yes. There are no risks using this product during pregnancy but if you have any concerns, speak with your OBGYN.

Does TheraGold expire?

There is a 2 year usage period from time of purchase however, honey doesn’t spoil.

Is TheraGold safe to use on my child?


Can I apply TheraGold to an open wound?

Don’t be stupid!!

How long does the pain relief last?

8-48 hours. Results may vary.

Should I wash my hands after applying TheraGold?

You might not wanna wash your hands due to the yummy scent of the cream.

Why should I choose TheraGold over any other pain relief cream?

TheraGold contains all natural Manuka honey with no other foreign ingredient.

How long will a jar of TheraGold last?

Should last about a month depending on how much pain you are in and how large the affected area is.

How much of the cream do I need to apply to the affected area?

About a fingertip full. The larger the area the more you will need.